LeVell: Trump ‘The Number One Kingmaker in the GOP, Period’

Bruce LeVell

The Star News Network‘s National Political Editor, Neil W. McCabe, visited Dunwoody, Georgia, on Wednesday and spoke to former Diversity Advisor Bruce LeVell under President Trump about why the president appealed to black voters.


McCabe: President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election doubled his support among black voters compared to 2016. Bruce LeVell, who served as a diversity advisor to Trump, told The Star News Network why President Trump appeals to black voters.

LeVell: A lot of it had to do with the cultural aspect of keeping it real. And black men, as obviously is what I am, it’s like, gravitate to real manly, real messaging, and that’s very appealing. You know that saying in black culture – man, he’s keeping it real. That’s appealing.

McCabe: LeVell said big media was afraid of Trump’s inroads with black voters.

LeVell: If the media would just let it flow, fairly – if you can use that term, fairly. Honestly, based on my numbers I predicted that he would have at least 25 percent. That was the number I was getting based on the momentum. And had that flowed freely, there’s no doubt in my heart we would have achieved that goal.

McCabe: After the 2020 election Georgia Governor Brian Kemp ignored the pleas from Senator David Perdue and former Governor Sonny Perdue and others to resolve what happened, LeVell said.

LeVell: The problem here in Georgia is Kemp didn’t call the special session. You know, David told him, Sonny, and everybody the president called personally.

I called him. I went down there and I said, “Man, just call the special session, let the legislators come down there. They find something, good. If they don’t, it’s done.” We wouldn’t be even having this conversation, quite honestly.

McCabe: And despite it all, the owner of Dunwoody Diamonds said Trump is still the top dog.

LeVell: President Trump is still the number one kingmaker in the GOP and is still the leader of the Republican Party, period. By far.

McCabe: LeVell served in the Trump administration as an advocate for small businesses in the Southeast region. He told The Star News Network that he strongly supports the president’s return to public life and he will not rest until Trump is returned to the White House in the 2024 election. Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Dunwoody, Georgia.

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