Kasey Tyndall Releases New Music

NASHVILLE, Tennessee- After seeing Kasey Tyndall at the Listening Room with the Song Suffragettes in 2019, I immediately set up an interview with the energetic songstress and featured her in my Music Spotlight column at the beginning of 2020.

When I ran into Tyndall again at the Next Women of Country event in January of 2023, I knew we were long overdue for a follow-up interview.

Like so many during and since the pandemic, she has released a lot of new music.

The singer/songwriter fosters some deep introspection with her more recent singles “Preachers Need People,” “Nothing Wrong With Being Country,” and “Middle Man” which explore the various attributes that make the North Carolina native exactly who she is.

Not only that, but the country rocker also put out an amazing video for her smash hit, “Jesus and Joan Jett.”

After wrapping the spring leg of Drake White’s Optimystic Tour last year, Tyndall returned to Nashville and released the single “Babies.”

Written about feelings she had when some of her friends started having kids, she did not realize she was foreshadowing her soon-to-be reality.

She said, “Two years ago when we were writing it, kids weren’t in my near future. There must have been some magic to it because we put the song out in June and two months later, I got pregnant with my baby girl.”

Tyndall and pal Dylan Marlowe sing her latest single, “Place For Me” which explores what heaven may look like.

With lyrics like: If a little bit of grace will get you through the gates/ Then things are looking up down here/ If rednecks got a place in up in heaven/ my first Chevy’s waiting on me/ And I can see it right now best seat in the house/ is a deer stand up a pine tree you realize that each person’s vision of heaven looks a little bit different.

The song, which was written by Tyndall, Jason Gantt, Jason Nix, and Jenna LaMaster, revealed some real thoughts the singer was having about what heaven may be like.

Tyndall said, “This song is so special to me. I love playing it live. I love how much it has connected with people. It really has been touching people. I didn’t expect it to touch people as much as it has. It’s definitely the favorite of my most recent releases.”

Marlow’s voice is perfect alongside Tyndall.

He said of her, “She’s awesome, she’s badass, she’s one of a kind and super country.”

Since finding out about her pregnancy, Tyndall’s career has peaked as her management team, and fans have embraced her exciting life changes.

She said, “I am so stoked for 2023.”

The sassy country crooner has tour dates scheduled with Tracy Lawrence and Joan Jett and is expecting a baby girl.

Her mother told her, “Do not only dress this baby in camouflage. She is not you.”

And though she is taking a break to have her baby, she is not quitting music.

“What example would I be setting for my daughter if I just gave up? If she is ever faced with something in her life, I want to encourage her to keep dreaming, keep going,” she said.

Her manager, Meghan Patrick, stated, “I personally believe that the world needs more women like Kasey Tyndall. If she is going to raise a daughter like herself, that is good for all of us. I think she is going to kill it. She is going to be an amazing mom.”

“The minute that I found out that I was pregnant I knew it was exactly what I needed,” the singer said. Being pregnant has reinvigorated her creative process and sparked her in exciting, full-circle directions.

Tyndall said, “Singing (and being on the road) is what I was born to do. To me, I am only going to be the best mother I can be by being the best version of myself. I’m blessed to have the support system that I have so I can keep on truckin’.”

Tyndall knows one of the reasons I am so fond of her is because she is unashamedly “real country.” The way she writes and sings is what my southern ears want country music to sound like.

“I’m glad that I can keep on waving the country music flag,” she said.

Keep up with everything Tyndall on her website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and all streaming platforms.

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Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and Twitter.



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