Democratic Activists Form ‘Pass the Torch’ Campaign to Push Biden to Drop Out of Race

Joe Biden
by Nicholas Ballasy


Democratic activists launched a “Pass the Torch” campaign on Monday to push President Biden to drop out of race after his performance in the first presidential debate.

The “Pass the Torch” website includes a petition that its organizers want DNC delegates and the general public to sign calling on Biden to “pass the torch and pledge to support the new nominee.”

Pass the Torch describes itself as a “newly formed group of Democrats organizing DNC Delegates and Democratic voters to urge President Biden to step aside to allow a new candidate to defeat Donald Trump.”

The website features photos and statements from prominent Democrat politicians such as former Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan about Biden leaving the race.

The Pass the Torch organization sent out a press release that featured a list of 11 elected Democrats calling for Biden to step aside.

“Time is of the essence, we strongly urge more House and Senate leaders to act quickly and call on President Biden to step down. Countless Democrats will remember their courage, including the thousands who have signed the Pass the Torch pledge,” said organizers of the group in a statement.

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Nicholas Ballasy is a reporter for Just the News.
Photo “Joe Biden” by Joe Biden.



Reprinted with permission from Just the News.

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