Mike Lindell Says FBI Surrounded Him and Seized His Cellphone

by Debra Heine


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said the FBI surrounded him and seized his cell phone Tuesday while he was in a Hardee’s drive-through in Mankato, Minnesota.

“The FBI came after me and took my phone, they surrounded me at a Hardee’s and took my phone, Lindell said in a short video posted on social media Tuesday night. The pillow salesman explained that he doesn’t have a computer because he does all of his business on his phone.

“What they’ve done is weaponized the FBI,” Lindell lamented, reiterating that all of the work he does is done on his phone.

“They told me not to tell anybody, Lindell said, holding up a memo from the FBI purportedly telling him that.

“Okay I won’t,” he snickered. “Well, I am!”

Lindell told the Minnesota Reformer, that he and a friend were on their way home from duck hunting in Iowa and were in the Hardee’s drive through when three cars with four FBI agents surrounded his vehicle.

“The FBI corralled me in Mankato, Minnesota, and took my cell phone,” Lindell told the Reformer.

A spokesperson for the FBI’s Denver Field Office confirmed that the FBI executed the search warrant, and it was authorized by a federal judge, the Reformer reported.

Lindell said he asked the FBI agents if they were going to “come bash my door in” like they have others, and they said they weren’t going to arrest him, but they had a warrant for his phone. (He told the Reformer he was talking on another phone.)

He said the agents asked him questions about Dennis Montgomery, a former intelligence contractor once called by “Frontline” a “Reno casino con man” who claims he created a supercomputer and software that changed votes.

Lindell said the agents also asked him about his website, frankspeech.com, which claims to have proof of corrupted Dominion voting machines.

“That’s what they asked me about the most,” he said. “It shows the election gets flipped. It shows that they deleted evidence in my Dominion lawsuit.”

Lindell told the Reformer that Dominion’s fingerprints are all over “this phone subpoena.”

“All I’m trying to do is get rid of the voting machines, and have a paper-ballots, hand-counted election,” he said.

Dominion Voting Systems is suing MyPillow and Lindell for $1.3 billion for defamation, alleging that Trump’s ally spread baseless lies when he accused Dominion of helping to rig the 2020 presidential election. Lindell’s countersuit against Dominion was tossed out of court in May.

The U.S.-based voting machine supplier is also suing Trump allies Rudolph Giuliani, Patrick Byrne and Sidney Powell in similar civil suits. The company has also brought defamation lawsuits against Newsmax and Fox Corporation.

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice in recent days has subpoenaed “dozens” of allies and supporters of former President Trump, seeking communications regarding the 2020 presidential election.

On his Fox News show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, Tucker Carlson argued that the DOJ’s “Stalinist” actions against Trump supporters in recent days is meant to “intimidate enemies of the regime” and “suppress political dissent.”

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Debra Heine reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Mike Lindell” by Jack Posobiec. 




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