Poll: Number of Americans Who Fear They Will Not Reach the American Dream Is on the Rise

by Eric Lendrum


In a recent survey, a rising number of Americans say that they do not think they will ever achieve the American Dream.

As reported by the New York Post, the poll by NORC – University of Chicago saw 75 percent of overall respondents say that they felt they had either achieved the Dream or were on their way to achieving it. However, 24 percent said that they feel the Dream is out of their reach, and that America is no longer the “land of opportunity.” In the previous year’s poll, only 18 percent shared this sentiment.

The survey also reveals clear differences in outlook along generational lines. Of those who only have a high school diploma, 31 percent say that the American Dream is out of their reach; by contrast, only 16 percent of those with a college degree say the same. The American Dream is most commonly understood to refer to economic success and personal freedom.

“While belief in the American Dream remains strong overall, it is troubling that doubt has begun to creep in, especially among younger and less educated people,” said Gonzalo Schwarz, president and CEO of the Archbridge Institute.

The poll also asked respondents about whether or not younger generations will have more or less success than past generations. Overall, 80 percent of Americans think that the next generation will at least be as successful as their predecessors, with 32 percent saying they will have just as many opportunities for prosperity, while 48 percent say they will have even more opportunities.

Meanwhile, 19 percent of the younger generations said that they believe they will have less opportunities than their parents, while 18 percent of older generations said that they think their children will be less successful.

The survey consisted of a sample size of 2,187 American residents.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness. 





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