Senator Ron Johnson: President Biden, Congressional Democrats Directly Responsible for Border Crisis


Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) blasted President Biden and congressional Democrats for the ongoing border crisis that had produced a spike in migrants coming across the border.

In a recent press conference, Johnson contended that Biden’s policies, supported by Democratic lawmakers, have made it easier to illegally enter the country.

“We have heard reports of people from 100 different countries coming into this country illegally. That represents a significant threat to national security. So the bottom line is, this didn’t just happen. This out-of-control flow of illegal immigration, this crisis at the border, is a direct result of President Biden’s policies aided and abetted by Democrats here in Congress. We’ve held three votes on the floor of the Senate to just build the wall. It’s important to recognize we are spending more not building the wall than having completed it. That’s a travesty,” he said.

Furthermore, the Wisconsin senator pointed to the role of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was put in charge of the Border Patrol and other agency functions.

In a recent, leaked audio, Border Patrol agents explicitly stated their frustration and low morale.

“Understand that President Biden’s policies are facilitating the business model of some of the most evil people on the planet. It’s incredibly important to understand what’s happening and what the impact is of the policies. And finally, just to put in one more perspective on here, combined with the known got aways, we’re talking about, on average, 6500 people per day for the entire year crossing into this country illegally. That’s a large caravan every day. It has completely overwhelmed Customs and Border Patrol, which is why they’ve turned their back on this administration and Secretary Mayorkas because this administration has turned their back on law enforcement,” Johnson added.

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