Wisconsin State Rep. Timothy Ramthun Talks to Steve Bannon About His Resolution and Hearing on Election Fraud

Timothy Ramthun

Stephen K. Bannon welcomed State Representative Tim Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) on Tuesday’s War Room: Battleground to discuss his resolution to expose election fraud he alleges occurred in the 2020 election, and related events that will take place next week.

Bannon: Tim Ramthun out in Wisconsin. Tim, can you hear me, sir?

Ramthun: I’m happy to be on. Thank you so much for having me.

Bannon: Look, you’ve been a leader in this 3rd of November movement. What you did with really getting this to the forefront of the stealing of the 2020 election in Wisconsin has been heroic.

I know you’ve got some breaking news and what you’re prepared to do and what’s going to happen next week in Wisconsin. I really wanted our audience to hear it first. Can you walk us through what’s going on?

Ramthun: Yes, sir, I can. Thank you for the compliment. I work for the Lord first and foremost, and I’m really grateful that I’m surrounded by fellow Patriots, grassroots people who are driving for truth as well.

It’s not just me, but thank you for the compliment. On the 25th of January, I put forth the privilege resolution to get my initiative numbered, which is AJR 120, and put into a committee. And ever since it was put into the committee I wanted it to be in, which is the rules committee, I’ve been asking for a hearing.

I want to bring it into a room for the constitutional attorneys and the constitutional experts to have a discussion about why what I’m proposing is constitutionally allowable and is legal. The leadership in Wisconsin is refusing to take action.

The majority leader calls it a fool’s errand. The Speaker is silent on it, says it won’t happen. So what occurred after that was during a radio broadcast within the last couple of weeks, the Speaker was asked if he would meet with constitutional attorneys and experts and have a conversation about the situation.

And he agreed. So what they’re going to do on March 16 – now, this is confirmed at 10:00 central time – no cameras, no press in a closed room situation, per the Speaker’s request. They’re going to meet and have a discussion.

I’ve been asked to be there as well, and I plan on being there. There’ll be a few other people there also, but I’ve been asked not to name them because we don’t want to have anything happen between now and then regarding that information getting out prematurely.

But I will tell you that the room will be full of individuals who are very intimate with the Constitution and who have justified the resolution that I have put forth as legal and proper to do. And it will be a very interesting conversation.

Right after that event at 10:00, there is going to be a press conference held by the individuals who are running point and pulling this together. I’m involved in this, Steve, but I’m not running point by choice. I want other people to take lead on this, to get this to happen, to follow through at the meeting.

We’re then going to have a press conference from anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. And after the press conference, per my request, as long as we have constitutional attorneys and constitutional experts in the Capitol building, I want to have that hearing. So we have a group of people asking for a room, which is apparently being taken care of.

It’s going to be facilitated by a fellow representative with whom I’m a colleague in the assembly right now. And I’ll be in the room as well. But I want the hearing to happen between legal counsel, legislative reference bureau, and the constitutional people to have the hearing that the majority leader and the Speaker don’t want to have. And then we’ll have probably another press conference about the outcome of that event.

Bannon: Hang on. Slow down. Before I get more process, if the Speaker, the majority leader, or whatever are saying it’s a fool’s errand, take two minutes and just walk this audience through, some of whom may have not seen your evidence.

What is the overwhelming evidence that you have that makes this not a fool’s errand? Let’s leave aside the ability constitutionally to decertify. What is the evidence that you have that shows that the 2020 election was stolen in the state of Wisconsin?

Ramthun: Not in particular order: the use of drop boxes, which was approved by leadership, which was not legal at the time and wasn’t done by the body. It wasn’t going through rules. It wasn’t done through due process.

The leadership team allowed for additional drop boxes, and I believe it was 500. And the majority of them were placed throughout Democratic areas within the large city as part of the Wisconsin Five. The Zuckerbuck element, the $8.8 million spent in those five cities as well broke the law from 12.13, which is election fraud, and it also broke 12.11, which is state bribery.

We also have the Racine County Sheriffs who have uncovered evidence that fraud occurred within the nursing homes within the Racine County area, and they wanted to have charges pressed and prosecuted there.

You’ve got to remember that the guidance that the Racine County nursing home elements embraced was delivered by the Wisconsin Election Commission. So they gave the same guidance to all 72 counties in the state and to all the nursing homes in the state. And the numbers I heard of people involved in that was like 91,000.

The other item I’d like to mention is the Wisconsin voter database. It’s fraught with errors and fraught with duplications and multiple cell numbers and multiple addresses. It’s just not fathomable to have the information they have.

There are 7.1 million names listed in this database. Only 4.5 million people are eligible to vote, and only 3.3 million actually did vote in the 2020 election. So there are more than twice as many names in this file that can be activated and a ballot can be cast against them, and then that name can be inactivated and no one will ever know the difference.

So to do a recount won’t give you the information. A forensic audit would, and it would be able to surgically deduce if the ballot ties to a name or not. So there’s that fraud as well. And there’s additional information coming from other sources, too.

But we have enough to ask the question; fraud vitiates everything. The opportunity to ask to reclaim electors is allowable. It’s legal and it’s constitutional.

And that’s what I hope we have a conversation on Wednesday the 16th to get this thing to move forward, because I’d like to see AJR 120 moving on the floor and get passed.

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