Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee Okays $125 Million PFAS Trust Fund

Wisconsin is looking to set aside $125 million for PFAS (Polyfluorinated Substances) contamination abatement across the state.

The budget-writing Joint Finance Committee (JFC) on Thursday agreed to create a trust fund to help local communities deal with PFAS in their local water supplies.

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Commentary: The Government Wants Your Raincoat

Two recent proposals that the federal government are considering in the name of consumer safety have Uncle Sam coming after products millions of Americans use every day. While a potential gas stove ban has received several headlines in recent days, millions of Americans may not know that the government has also had a role in beginning the phasing out of a chemical that is a component in so many products that it will likely impact every American in the country.

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Gov. Tony Evers Signals Big Spending Plans for Wisconsin in State of the State Address

In his fifth State of the State address Tuesday evening, Gov. Tony Evers began laying out how he plans to use Wisconsin’s $6.6 billion surplus, pitching a spending bender of big government initiatives already with a price tag to date of around $1.3 billion.

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