Universities Are Spending Like Crazy to Grow Their Bureaucracies, and Students Are Footing the Bill, Analysis Finds

Public universities across the United States are spending money to increase their workforce and then passing the bill along to students, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal.

Since 2002, the average flagship university’s spending rose 38%, with a majority of the money being spent on salaries and benefits, which rose by 40% in the same time period, according to an analysis by the WSJ. However, the average tuition cost per student rose 64% to cover the costs of salaries and benefits in the same time period.

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College Enrollment Plummets, Losing 1.3 Million Students in Two Years

U.S. college enrollment dropped by nearly 1.3 million students in the past two years, according to a National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report.

Post-secondary enrollment declined 4.1% in spring 2022 for a total of 7.4% in the last two years, Clearinghouse’s report found. Undergraduate enrollment is responsible for most of the decline, down 9.4% before the pandemic.

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