GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Kevin Nicholson Calls on Evers to Remove Parole Board Chair amid Decision to Grant Parole for Convicted Killer

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson called on Governor Tony Evers to remove the chair of the Wisconsin Parole Commission.

Chairman John Tate II and the panel opted to allow a convicted killer, Douglas Balsewicz, to be released after serving only 25 years of the 80-year sentence he was given.

Evers has pushed back on the decision, but he has no power to directly override the panel.

However, according to Nicholson, the decision from Tate, who was appointed by Evers, falls on the shoulders of the governor.

“You campaigned on cutting the prison population in half and pledged to expand release of inmates. Your appointee to the Parole Commission, John Tate, also has championed releasing more inmates on parole and is openly against mandatory minimum sentencing for violent offenders. These policies have proven to degrade law and order in Wisconsin. This has to stop,” Nicholson said.

“In the case of Douglas Balsewicz, you need to do the right thing. Balsewicz brutally murdered his wife in front of her two young children. This is not someone that can be let out on the streets. Use your authority and influence as the Governor of Wisconsin to reverse this horrible decision before his scheduled release date of May 17th. Wisconsinites will not be safe with Balsewicz out on the streets.”

The new decision to release the violent criminal comes as Republicans have blasted the Evers Administration of their lack of action amid an extended crime spike

“It is unacceptable that John Tate serves in his capacity on the board following his decision to allow a violent felon to be released onto our Wisconsin streets. He has dishonored the reputation of the Wisconsin Parole Commission and displayed an incomprehensible lack of leadership,” Nicholson concluded.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Wisconsin Daily Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “John Tate II” by John Tate II. 



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