Congress Prepares to Unseal Testimony, Evidence from IRS Whistleblower in Hunter Biden Case

The House Ways and Means Committee took final steps Tuesday to release to the public as early as this week the testimony and evidence from an IRS whistleblower who alleges the Justice Department gave favorable treatment to Hunter Biden and engaged in political interference in the criminal tax case against the first son.

Committee Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo., scheduled an executive session for 8 a.m. Thursday where lawmakers are expected to vote to free the whistleblower evidence and testimony of IRS supervisory criminal agent Gary Shapley from the 6103 privacy requirements that normally shield Americans’ tax information from public disclosure.

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Famous Rapper’s Attorney Rips DOJ for Letting Hunter Biden Walk on Crime While His Client Spent Years in Jail

The attorney for rapper Kodak Black blasted the Justice Department Tuesday over the plea deal reached with Hunter Biden, questioning whether there is “2 tiers of justice” in America’s legal system.

Black was sentenced to serve over three years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm in 2019, the same charge the younger Biden reached a plea agreement on Tuesday, Fox News reported. Biden will be put into a pre-trial diversion program on the gun charge, the Justice Department announced, although U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump in 2017, said the investigation is still ongoing.

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BlackRock Recruiter Says $10k ‘Can Buy a Senator,’ Calls Ukraine War ‘Good for Business’: Video

A recruiter for BlackRock said that the asset management firm is able to “buy a senator” for $10,000 and that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “good for business,” according to a video recorded by an undercover journalist.

“You could buy your candidates. First, there is the senators. These guys are f***ing cheap. Got 10 grand? You can buy a senator. I’ll give you 500k right now. It doesn’t matter who wins, they’re in my pocket,” BlackRock Recruiter Serge Varlay said in a video published Tuesday by the O’Keefe Media Group, which was founded by guerilla journalist James O’Keefe.

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State Bar of California Begins Trial to Disbar Trump’s Attorney John Eastman Over 2020 Election

The State Bar of California (SBC) began a trial on Tuesday seeking to disbar conservative legal scholar John Eastman over his role advising former President Donald Trump and state legislatures on challenging the 2020 election results. The proceedings arose out of a complaint against him made by the States United Democracy Center (SUDC). SUDC is run by a former Obama appointee, Norm Eisen, and its advisory board includes former Arizona governor and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

The SBC charged Eastman with 11 ethics violations in January. Eastman filed a 100-page response containing thousands of attachments, and published a rebuttal on his Substack. He said the SBC’s complaint “is filled with distortions, half truths, and outright falsehoods.”

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Biden Administration Backs Down from Forcing Religious Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Procedures

The Biden administration declined to appeal a federal court ruling that blocks the government from forcing religious doctors and faith-based hospitals to perform gender-transition procedures against their conscience and professional medical judgment. The administration’s decision not to appeal the federal court ruling in Sisters of Mercy v. Becerra to the U.S. Supreme Court by a June 20 deadline means its mandate will be laid to rest.

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Wisconsin Elections Commission Mails Postcards to 116,000 Inactive Voters, Rep. Brandtjen Criticizes

One of the most outspoken critics of elections in Wisconsin says the latest from the state’s Election Commission isn’t doing much to instill confidence among voters.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission on Friday announced it has mailed postcards to 116,051 voters who have not cast a ballot in the past four years.

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Judge Sets Trial Date for Trump Classified Documents Case

A Florida Judge has set a trial date of Aug. 14 for former President Donald Trump in his ongoing case related to his handling of classified documents.

According to court filings made public Tuesday, District Judge Aileen Cannon set the trial date, giving two months time to prepare for the case. However, Trump’s team is expected to push to have that date delayed, likely successfully.

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National Suicide Lifeline Struggling to Keep Up with Sheer Volume of Calls

Since the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) underwent a significant makeover during the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic, the new version of the hotline has been swamped with more calls than ever before.

As ABC News reports, part of the NSPL’s reforms included shortening the previous 10-digit number to the much simpler 9-8-8. The program also received an additional $200 million in funding as a result of the American Rescue Plan bill. The changes were made in response to a spike in mental health crises and suicides during the pandemic, when most Americans were forcibly locked down and forced to stay home from school, jobs, and other basic necessities for years.

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Remote Workers Leaving Democratic Cities in Droves

A new study shows that employees who are still working remotely are actively fleeing Democrat-run cities in the thousands.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the data from American Community Survey showed that a number of the largest cities in the country, all controlled by Democrats, continue to be the hardest-hit by an ongoing exodus of remote workers. The most severe net migration loss was in New York City, which lost approximately 116,000 remote employees. Los Angeles lost 53,000, while San Francisco saw an exodus of 32,000, and at least 29,000 left Chicago.

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Satanic Temple to Host ‘Let Us Burn’ Events at State Capitols to Promote ‘Religious Liberty’

The Satanic Temple (TST) announced last week that it is raising money to host a “Let Us Burn” music tour at state capitols.

TST is looking to bring Satanic Planet, described as an “experimental avant industrial band,” to different states in the name of “religious liberty” and “pluralism,” according to the announcement. The tour is designed to specifically respond to Christian musician Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” concert tour, which has performed in several state capitols.

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Biden Admin to Spend Nearly $1 Billion on Green Upgrades for Fed Buildings

The Biden administration will spend nearly $1 billion upgrading more than 100 federal buildings with green technology like heat pumps and solar panels, using funds from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The General Services Administration (GSA) — which manages the U.S. government’s properties —  is planning to make 100 federal facilities all-electric and 28 net-zero emissions, on a budget of $975 million,  according to The Washington Post. The GSA is hoping that will attract roughly another $925 million in private sector investment, bringing total funding to roughly $1.9 billion, in an effort to revamp 40 million square feet of federal property, which is roughly 20% of all buildings managed by the GSA.

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Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Urges DNR to Move on Permitting Line 5 Pipeline Project

Time is of the essence for the Evers administration to act on a critical energy pipeline relocation project in northern Wisconsin, according to the state’s largest chamber of commerce and manufacturers’ association. 

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) is urging the state Department of Natural Resources to swiftly move forward with a slow-moving permitting process of Enbridge Energy Co.’s Line 5 relocation project in northern Wisconsin. 

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Commentary: The ‘Get Trump’ Games Continue

It all started with a self-important official at the National Archives and Records Administration. Or at least that’s the official story.

In May 2021, William Bosanko, NARA’s chief executive officer, noticed two presidential documents were missing from the Trump Administration: the letter Barack Obama wrote to Donald Trump and correspondence between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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Commentary: The Problem with ‘Pride’ Month

Pride Month and the ubiquitous displays of rainbow colored flags as well as the concomitant ceremonies are puzzling practices to say the least. It is one thing not to be ashamed of one’s sexual orientation. But it is quite another to be proud of it. 

How does emphasizing the differences between people benefit American society as a whole? Ordinarily, the response to criticisms of lauding pride in sexual orientation is to compare it to Black pride and the struggle to eliminate racism. But this raises the same questions. Should one really be proud of one’s race? Is it not pride that got us into the racism mess in the first place? The idea of proclaiming one race superior to others? So why extend this exaltation to sexual behaviors? 

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Commentary: A Heated Argument in the House Portends Good Results for the Budget

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” Bishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa, 2004.

I must’ve used this quote a thousand times (primarily mitigating fights between contentious children of different ages) without even realizing its origin. I’ve often wondered why emotion-driven youths (and big people, too) simply amp up the volume when intellectually dueling with others rather than maintaining the discussion at an even keel and perhaps lulling their opponents into listening to what they’re saying – or screaming even louder.

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U.S. Treasury Dept. Announces Sanctions on Mexican Migrant-Trafficking Gang

The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday announced sanctions against a migrant-trafficking gang based in Mexico that has operated since at least 2018. 

The Hernandez Salas organization, based in the border city of Mexicali, Mexico, across the border from Calexico, California, has organized travel for countless migrants seeking to cross into the United States, the Treasury Dept. said in a statement. 

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American Medical Student Association Indoctrinates Students with Radical Gender Theory

The American Medical Student Association is indoctrinating medical students into radical gender ideology through its educational resources.

The AMSA’s Gender and Sexuality Action Committee “is dedicated to combating sexism and heterosexism, and to assuring equal access to medical care and equality within medical education.” 

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Johns Hopkins Takes Down LGBTQ Glossary After backlash, Says ‘Lesbian’ Definition Was ‘Not Approved’

Johns Hopkins University has taken down its “LGBTQ Glossary” after backlash erupted against its definition of “lesbian.”

The glossary of LGBTQ terms was posted on the webpage of the Gender and Sexuality Resources office at Johns Hopkins’ Diversity and Inclusion department. The glossary defined lesbian as a “non-man attracted to non-men.” But after fierce backlash on social media, the office took down the glossary, claiming that the definition was not approved.

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Another Top Official to Leave Biden’s DHS: Report

Another top Biden administration will soon leave the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ABC News reported Tuesday.

Deputy DHS Secretary John Tien will retire from the agency July 20, according to ABC News, which cited an internal memo from the the deputy secretary. Tien joins several other agency officials leaving the administration in the coming weeks, which include Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief Tae Johnson, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz and Acting Deputy Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Benjamine “Carry” Huffman.

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