Commentary: Miss Universe Is Just the Latest Organization Erasing Women

by Tim Young


Another day, another biological male stealing the spotlight from biological females in the name of feminism and equality. A new Miss Universe was crowned on Saturday and the transgender owner of the organization, Anne Jakrajutatip, took to the stage claiming to “celebrate women” and the supposed female-led future the beauty pageant.

Jakrajutatip took over ownership of the Miss Universe Organization last year from IMG Worldwide LLC, which previously bought the pageant from former President Donald Trump. Jakrajutatip is the first transgender owner of the organization in its 71 years of existence—or, as Jakrajutatip now claims, the “first woman owner.”

Jakrajutatip even criticized the organization’s past for being male-owned, even though, taking biology into account, the status quo hasn’t changed at all. “It has been 70 years that [sic] Miss Universe organization has been run by men,” Jakrajutatip stated. “But now, time is up. [Now] is the moment really for women to take the lead.”

Jakrajutatip’s speech was met with roaring woke applause from the audience as the transgender business mogul declared, “From now on it’s gonna be run by women, owned by a trans woman, for all women around the world to celebrate the power of feminism.” Because nothing screams “the power of feminism” like a biological male dressing up as a woman and making boatloads of money for acting as an authority on what it means to be a woman.

The trans movement has created a frenzy of gender confusion, leading to leftists now being unable even to identify what it means to be a woman. Remember when Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked during her confirmation hearing to define “woman”? Despite being a woman herself, she said she could not provide an answer because she wasn’t “a biologist.”

It’s not hard for anyone to define what a woman is, but these woke public figures are so afraid of being canceled they have to fake ignorance rather than give a definitive answer to a question that wasn’t even a question until a few years ago.

Even within their own detached worldview, the obvious dodge of “I’m not a biologist” doesn’t add up, considering so many deemed themselves experts on science during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. At this point, even if you’re a legitimate biologist, you’re forced to ignore all of your scientific training to play along with this social justice nonsense.

As the Overton Window shifts further leftward, anyone who dares to question the ethics of the trans agenda is ostracized by today’s culture, women are not becoming more empowered—they are being erased.

Groups are now even using the term “girlx” instead of “girls” to describe the female community. A promotional poster from the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, went viral last week for their own female erasure. The post advertised a “Cambridge Sports Night for Girlx.” They specified on the graphic that “girlx” meant the event was “Open to all those who identify as girls or with girlhood.” Much like the response to the term “Latinx” from the Latino community, “girlx” became the object of relentless mockery from women on Twitter.

The transgender movement is having the same effect as many other leftist initiatives—hurting the same people it claims to help. Gender dysphoria is now rampant among young people, parents are being convinced that they should mutilate their own children’s genitals if they don’t want to be called a bigot, and biological women are being pushed out of sports, pageants, and other industries

The clip of Jakrajutatip’s speech has won praise from woke blogs and leftist public figures, as well as backlash and derision from men and women still sane enough to notice the irony of  biological male giving a speech about female empowerment. Whatever the reaction, I can confidently say at least one thing—the clip of Jakrajutatip’s absurd speech will be seen by vastly more people than any future Miss Universe pageant broadcast.

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Tim Young is the media and culture critic for American Greatness.
Photo “Miss Universe” by Rustam Talipov, Lev Efimov, oscalito 1936, miss universe 2017, Begimai Karybekova. CC BY-SA 4.0.




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