Daily Caller News Foundation Interview: Iranian Immigrant Parent Dimis Christophy Encourages Others to Speak Out and Not Be Intimidated


The Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed Iranian-Christian Dimis Christophy, a Loudoun County, Virginia parent who unleashed on his child’s woke public school board during a meeting on August 10th.


Christophy: Just to clear up, I know, King and Queen are not pronouns. I get it. Okay. There’s a lot of people that go, they’re not pronouns. I know that. But you have to realize if because it’s not just pronouns. People are coming out telling me, hey I’m a Mermaid.

I’m a cat. I’m a dog. I’m this, I’m that. Who says there’s a limitation on the pronouns at this point or what to be called? So I was like, hey, if that’s what you’re going to do, this is how you’re going to address my kids.

And this is how you’re going to address me if you’re hearing my speech. And I said these are not your children. These are my children. My kids don’t go to school to sit in a classroom and the teacher be their parents. That’s not their job.

And now this was a month ago, almost a month ago. And now we’re seeing stuff coming out on video. You have an Antifa teacher in California indoctrinating children or kids or whatever. High school kids speaking about how he has 180 days to convert these kids into extremists.

That’s indoctrination. And now he’s going to sit here and say, oh, no, they’re coming from my job. I love my job and all that stuff. Yeah, well, you have an Antifa flag in your classroom. You have an LGBTQ flag in your classroom. And the other teacher where in Orange County, where she took down the American flag and having kids pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ flag.

How disrespectful can you be to this country? This is the country where everybody lives. I live here. I’m proud of that flag. My kids are proud of that flag and I’m going to make them be proud of that flag because that flag represents their livelihood, how they grew up, and where they came from.

And where I came from. I’m an immigrant. I am an immigrant. I came here without speaking a word of English. And this country has given me so many opportunities. And has given me the freedom that I didn’t have to be who I am now.

So for somebody who hates this country so much that they take the flag down make a funny TikTok video over it because they think they’re funny, in fact, they’re miserable. They have a miserable life. They are just genuinely miserable people, and they want to make everybody as miserable as they are.

I’m happy with my life. I don’t regret any decisions I made. I don’t regret anything I’ve said. If I made a mistake, I will own up to it and I will apologize. But for this, I don’t apologize to anybody. I make my own life. I make my own decisions. I create my own privileges.

Nobody tells me that you are privileged. I created my own privilege. I give privileges to my kids. No one’s gonna stop me from doing that. And nobody handed me that privilege. It was all me. It’s always been. It has been me.

I have a strong wife behind me who helps me along every step of the way. And we make decisions together for our kids are for our family and for our livelihood. And those decisions have brought us to this point.

I’m not going to let anybody stop me or her to advance to the next level because we’re not done. We’re not done. I don’t quit. I’m always going after the next best thing. No one’s going to give that to me.

No one’s handing that out. I don’t take handouts. This is all coming from me. But when I see these people sitting in classrooms telling their students, your parents are stupid, your parents are dumb. That was the Utah chemistry teacher she would say that to her students.

Your parents are dumb. You are smarter than your parents. Well, you know what? A lot of those kids look up to their parents. Their parents might not be educated, but they look up to their parents. That dad or mom is the hardest working individual in their livelihood.

And you have some miserable, so-called teacher, I don’t even think she’s a teacher because she’s a dumb individual, tell you that your parents are dumb just because you are miserable. And she said it herself. My parents are dumb. She had a miserable life.

She continues to be miserable. Instead of changing her own ideology, she’s pushing it on the kids. And that’s when I said what I said at the school board meeting, it wasn’t because I haven’t seen stuff like that. I’ve seen it. But I just never spoke out.

But then when it started knocking on my back door, I’m not going to let it. I’m going to push it out. I’m going to continue to push it out. And I will put whatever barrier I can to stop it from coming anywhere near the livelihood of my kids.

A lot of parents who don’t want to speak out can speak out. They could still reach out to some individuals who are very active in this field, especially in the local area. There’s always somebody who’s outspoken. They could reach out to those people, whoever.

If it’s a congressman, congresswoman, local officials or teachers, or whoever. Find that person or group who is not afraid to speak out because once you voice your concern to them, they know they’re not alone.

They know that there’s a mass majority of individuals who are against it. So you don’t have to come on camera. You don’t have to record a video. You don’t need to do that. You could deal with letters. You could do with emails. You could tell your superintendent, you could email them.

Email the teachers, email the principal, email whoever you want. Don’t be afraid that you’re going to be targeted okay? These people, they scream and they intimidate you by their screaming. They intimidate you by saying oh, I’m going to go to his job and embarrass them.

I’m going to go to such and such a place and put their name out there. Don’t be afraid of these people. These people are cowards. They are 100% towards. This is why they scream. This is why they scream like a little baby who wants candy and their mom is not giving the candy.

They stomp their feet. They stomp their feet. And these lousy politicians bend backward to them and give them what they want because they know they’re tired of hearing them scream. So you do the same thing. Play their own game. Give them a taste of their own medicine. Don’t let them ruin your life or run your life for you.

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