Former Student Urges Catholic School District to Promote Church Teachings Rather Than Cave to LGBTQ Agenda During ‘Pride Month’

A former student at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, Ontario, was cheered this week when he gave a passionate speech at a board meeting during which he urged the district to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church to help all students rather than cave to the LGBTQ agenda during the upcoming “pride month.”

Myles Vosylius, 20, drew applause from parents and other citizens at a York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) meeting Tuesday as he shared his own conversion story related to his parents’ divorce while he was in high school.

“During my years at Cardinal Carter, I experienced a radical conversion to Jesus Christ and his bride, the Holy Catholic Church,” Vosylius told the board and attendees. “My story is as follows”:

My parents divorced a few years before I entered high school. Divorce rips a hole into a child’s life and this hole within me was aching for healing. Because of these family circumstances in my high school years, I was forced to mature and grow up quickly.

Vosylius continued that as “typical high school life” began to take over during that time, “sin was rampant, and rather than heal the aching hole within me, it was only deepening my pain and confusion.”

“However, there was a very special event that occurred within this time that changed my life forever, that set me on a path of truth,” he explained, “and the truth will set you free, as Jesus said.”

The former YCDSB student described this “event” as one that “brought healing into my aches, pains, confusions, and expelled the darkness from within me”:

During Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament the priest encouraged everyone present to tell Jesus in the Eucharist before us that you love him and to do this audibly, to praise out loud your love for Jesus. I began to shout out, “I love you, Jesus,” and when I did I was overcome with a divine presence that touched the depths of my soul. I had never encountered anything like this before. This was Jesus Christ, truly risen from the dead, before me in the Holy Eucharist!

Vosylius shared that this conversion experience filled him “with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.”

“This hole within me was experiencing ‘Divine Therapy,’” he observed. “This conversion led me on a path of truth and belief in Jesus Christ, the teachings of his church, and healing from my own sinfulness and the wounds that I was afflicted with – my parents’ divorce.”

Vosylius then explained how his conversion could be experienced by all students, even those with sexual orientation and gender issues, if the Catholic schools will just promote their own teachings.

“My point is this: I am not the only one,” he asserted. “Many students suffer greatly. There are their own wounds within, whether that’s divorce, separation, addiction, mental or physical illness, or confusion and personal identity like gender and sex.”

But, Vosylius made this distinction:

A pride flag, sticker, or any political and sexual ideological symbol cannot heal and bring hope into the lives of the YCDSB students. It will only arouse greater confusion, pain, and darkness.

“LGBT stickers, pride flags and other similar symbols do not accurately represent the love God has for these individuals that identify within the LGBT communities,” he explained. “The YCDSB, therefore, should reject the notion to fly the pride flag, to place LGBT stickers, and rather further their evangelization efforts through Eucharistic adoration, youth ministry, and, of course, the saving sacraments.”

“And the YCDSB should do this because the souls of students are in jeopardy from being bombarded with the wrong form of acceptance in these LGBT symbols,” Vosylius asserted. “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.”

“My own life was changed in the midst of darkness, and Jesus can do the same for all of you if you welcome him in and obey his holy commands,” he concluded to applause.

As LifeSiteNews reported, while Vosylius spoke about the LGBT flags and stickers, Ontario LGBT teacher-activist Paolo De Buono waved a “pride” flag in protest of the young man’s remarks.

De Buono, Kennedy Hall reported at LifeSiteNews in June, “is an Ontario Catholic school educator on a mission to spread LGBT ideology to elementary students.”

As the report notes, the teacher-activist holds a Twitter account called The Rainbow Room.

De Buono has refused to teach the Catholic curriculum series Fully Alive.

“[T]he fact that Fully Alive contains even a mention of the Church’s unchangeable teaching on marriage and sexuality was enough for De Buono to publicly proclaim his intention to not do his job,” wrote Hall.

Following Vosylius’ address, frustrated Catholic parents then expressed their anger toward school board members who have been promoting the LGBTQ agenda in the Catholic district.

“Stop grooming our kids!” yelled out one parent, while others chanted, “Leave our kids alone!” and others shouted, “Shame!”

As Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported, police were called in to maintain order following the meeting, during which the board did not vote on the initiative to fly a “pride” flag at its district office throughout “pride month” in June.

CNA noted:

The board represents 85 Catholic elementary schools and 16 Catholic secondary schools across nine municipalities in Southern Ontario, which serve about 50,000 students combined. In Ontario, Catholic schools are publicly funded and local decisions are made by a Catholic school board rather than the Catholic diocese.

“The York Catholic District School Board is involved in ongoing conversations with a number of stakeholders about whether or not to fly the Progress Pride Flag at their central office in June,” said the board in a statement provided to CNA.

“There was no motion on the table last night for voting and there has not yet been a decision on flying the Pride Flag at the YCDSB,” the statement added. “The York Catholic District School Board is committed to our Catholic faith and to the well-being of our students and staff. The YCDSB believes that 2SLGTBQ+ students are loved by God and are valued members of our school communities.”

According to the CNA report, police made no arrests at the meeting, nor were there any reports of injuries, property damage, or other violence.

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Susan Berry, PhD is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Myles Vosylius” by Myles Vosylius.


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