Wisconsin University to Require COVID Booster for Students


Marquette University announced it will require the COVID booster shot for its students. The school is also “strongly” recommending the booster shot for faculty and staff.

The Jesuit school located in Milwaukee decided that all eligible students will need the COVID booster shot by February 1.

Marquette also delayed classes resuming following winter break to January 24 because of “COVID cases and the rising positivity rate in Milwaukee.”

Initially, classes were going to start on January 18, but Marquette President Dr. Michael R. Lovell explained that due to Omicron, the school decided to push back the start date. Lovell wrote that Marquette hopes students will take the time to get vaccinated and boosted.

Lovell explained that students who obtain their booster must upload their proof of vaccination by February 1, or “based on eligibility” depending on the type of vaccination received.

Those who received the Moderna vaccine must wait 6 months following the second dose to get a booster. The Pfizer BioNTech vaccinated can get a booster after 5 months, and those who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can get a booster after two months.

The school’s protocol is based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance.

Marquette’s COVID information page shared that students do have the option to remain unvaccinated, however, they must undergo weekly testing protocols. According to Lovell, the student population is 93% vaccinated.

Masks are also required for students and staff at Marquette regardless of vaccination status.

“Well-fitting masks will continue to be required indoors on campus until further notice,” Lovell said in a statement.

Marquette also announced it will rewrite its quarantine and isolation guidelines to reflect the new guidance from the CDC.

The university’s new protocol still requires students in residence halls to quarantine for 10 days if they test positive. If an unvaccinated or unboosted student is a “close contact” they are also required to quarantine for 10 days. Vaccinated “close contacts” are asked to wear a mask for 10 days while “at home and in public.”

Those who do not live in residence halls and test positive for COVID can have a shortened quarantine of 5 days if they are not exhibiting symptoms.

Unvaccinated and unboosted individuals who are a “close contact” with a COVID-positive person are asked to quarantine for 10 days unless they are not exhibiting symptoms on day 5. Fully vaccinated and boosted individuals are just asked to wear a mask for 10 days if they are in close contact with a COVID-positive person.

Marquette University did not respond to The Wisconsin Daily Star’s attempt to find out how many COVID positive cases the university is currently dealing with.

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Photo “Marquette University Students” by Marquette University.




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