Raise and Retention Bonus Lift Wisconsin Chancellor Compensation Past $1 Million

Jennifer Mnookin

A raise of 10% and a retention bonus will lift Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin of the University of Wisconsin past $1 million in annual compensation.

University regents met Monday and approved the deal. Mnookin’s salary rises from $811,512 to $892,663 next year. The bonus is $150,000.

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University of Wisconsin President Promises New Focus on Free Speech, Civil Dialogue

Jay Rothman

The new free speech lessons for the University of Wisconsin’s next freshman class will not just be about speaking your mind.

UW President Jay Rothman told regents during meeting in Milwaukee he is planning a new curriculum for new students about both sides of the right to freedom of speech.

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Gov. Evers OKs Millions for University of Wisconsin Construction, Tuition Distribution Changes

UW Campus

There’s going to be a building boom on some University of Wisconsin campuses across the state.

Gov. Tony Evers on Wednesday signed a new law that clears the way for a new engineering building at UW-Madison, as well as classroom renovations in both Madison and Whitewater. The new law also includes nearly $200 million for central plant renovations and demolition projects.

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One Republican Wants Answers on What University of Wisconsin Knew About Porn-Producing Chancellor

Steve Nass

One Republican state senator wants more answers from the University of Wisconsin about the porn-producing former chancellor at La Crosse.

Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, the legislature needs to find out just what the UW knew about Joe Gow’s porn videos.

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Audits: Many State, University of Wisconsin Offices Empty as Employees Work from Home

Working from home

A pair of Republican lawmakers are promising to hold hearings into why so many state and University of Wisconsin workers aren’t in their offices.

A pair of audits from the Legislative Audit Bureau looked at telework and office space trends.

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Speaker Vos Vows No Movement on University of Wisconsin Raises Without Changes to DEI Spending

The top Republican in the Wisconsin Assembly says he is encouraged by the University of Wisconsin’s plan to focus on in-demand degrees, but it’s not enough to move him off his block of the university’s pay raises.

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Lawmakers Call University of Wisconsin Regional Campus Decisions Unfortunate, Unsurprising

Few at the Wisconsin capital is happy about the University of Wisconsin’s decision to end in-person classes at two regional campuses, though they are not shocked.

University president Jay Rothman announced the university will end face-to-face classes at UW-Milwaukee Washington County and UW Oshkosh Fond du Lac.

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Wisconsin League of Women Voters Weighs In on University of Wisconsin System Diversity Issue

The League of Women Voters in Wisconsin is taking a stand on the fight between Republican lawmakers and the University of Wisconsin over diversity, equity and inclusion money.

The League encouraged Republicans to release $32 million that’s being held in an effort to get the university to move away from diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

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University of Wisconsin Enrollment Up for First Time Since 2014

There are a couple of hundred more students at University of Wisconsin schools this fall after the university released its fall 2023 enrollment numbers.

“The estimates show an enrollment of 161,322 for fall 2023, an increase of 540 over fall 2022. For new freshman students, the estimates indicate an increase of 592 students in fall 2023 at UW System universities not including UW-Madison, which deliberately sought to reduce the number of incoming first-year students after last year’s incoming class was slightly larger than anticipated,” the university said in a statement.

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Wisconsin Universities Keep DEI Positions Despite GOP Gutting Budget by $32 Million

University of Wisconsin campus leaders have not cut diversity, equity and inclusion positions from their campuses despite losing $32 million in funding from the GOP-led state legislature earlier this summer in an effort to see such programs axed.

However, system leaders are in the process of requesting a partial reimbursement to the tune of $15 million from the Wisconsin State Assembly’s Joint Finance Committee to fund non-DEI, workforce development-related positions, which state lawmakers left open as an option to recoup some of the cuts.

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University of Wisconsin President: School Must Move Forward Despite Financial Issues

The president at the University of Wisconsin says the challenge now is to deal with the school’s financial challenges.

UW President Jay Rothman told university regents there’s been plenty of attention paid to the university’s deficits and diversity, equity and inclusion budget cuts. Now, though, the job is to find answers.

“Our focus now has to be on how to move forward from here,” Rothman said.

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University of Wisconsin to Review Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling

The University of Wisconsin says it doesn’t yet know what the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to end affirmative action university admissions will mean for UW schools.

UW-Madison Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin on Thursday said she will need some time to examine the university’s admission policy, and determine if any changes are needed.

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Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers Move Ahead with University Diversity Cuts

As promised, Republican lawmakers have cut $32 million from the University of Wisconsin’s budget in a showdown over diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The budget-writing Joint Finance Committee made good on the promise from Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to send a message to the university about focusing on education, and not “indoctrination.”

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Wisconsin Democrats Angry over Proposed University DEI Cuts

Democrats at the Wisconsin Capitol are furious with the Republican plan to cut diversity, equity, and inclusion money from the University of Wisconsin.

Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday said the plan to cut $32 million in DEI money from the UW System’s $6.5 budget is part of a “decade-long war on higher education.”

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University of Wisconsin President Defends Tuition Hike, Budget Increase During Enrollment Dip

University of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman said the “war for talent” is driving his vision for the school, which he says is necessitating both a tuition increase and a request for $200 million more in the next state budget. 

Rothman told WisPolitics’ Newsmakers program that Wisconsin must do both in order to compete in that war.

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Wisconsin Indigenous Activist Exposed as Appropriating Native American Ethnicity

Kay LeClaire, the far-left Madison, Wisconsin-based activist who claimed an American-Indian heritage and clamored for radical causes she said benefitted the indigenous community, is facing public denunciation after being exposed as entirely white.

LeClaire, who went by the alias nibiiwakamigkwe [lower-case in the original] is a co-founder of giige [also lower-case in the original]. The arts-oriented group describes itself as “an Indigenous and queer space for the community in and around Teejop [a Ho-Chunk tribal word for the Great Lakes region].” Though female, LeClaire describes herself as “nonbinary,” denying she belongs to either sex. 

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University of Wisconsin Study Looks at Coronavirus Deaths Through Racial, Political Lens

A new study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin says racial and political differences during the coronavirus outbreak are more concerning than before.

A team at UW-Madison looked at death rates in the early days of the virus in the spring of 2020.

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Wisconsin State Senator: UW’s Response to Conservative Speaker on Madison Campus ‘Unacceptable’

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are once again questioning free speech at the University of Wisconsin after a conservative speaker at the Madison campus was met with graffiti, protests, and condemnation from university leaders.

Sen. Duey Stroebel, R-Cedarburg, on Monday said the university’s response to Matt Walsh’s visit to Madison is unacceptable.

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New Paper Aims to Give Wisconsin Teachers Alternative Views on Race, Capitalism, U.S. History

Teachers in Wisconsin have a new resource with a much different take on American history, slavery and race, as well as the successes of capitalism.

The new paper – “Critical Theories vs Human Flourishing” from UW-Milwaukee Professor Emeritus Mark Schug and Professor Of Economics & Director Of The Free Enterprise Center Scott Niederjohn – offers an alternative narrative to the critical race theory being taught in many of Wisconsin’s schools.

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State Senator Questions Necessity, Fairness of New University of Wisconsin News Service

One Wisconsin lawmaker wants to know why the UW System needs its own news service.

Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, wrote a letter to UW President Jay Rothman last week, asking why the university is offering university-related stories for TV stations, newspapers, and other media outlets to use.

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Hundreds of Sociology Syllabi Contain Liberal Bias Across Assignments and Readings, Survey Finds

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Campus Reform obtained copies of the syllabi from Spring 2021 undergraduate sociology classes at six universities.

Universities include: the University of Virginia, the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Ohio State University–Columbus, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign.

In total, Campus Reform surveyed 201 undergraduate course syllabi across these institutions. This number included 25 100-level introduction to sociology courses, which are sometimes taken by non-majors to fulfill general education requirements. The results of the survey, divided into the categories of assignments, biased language, and common textbooks and readings, are below.

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Two University of Wisconsin Campuses Pause Employee COVID Vaccine Mandate

Two University of Wisconsin (UW) campuses have paused their employee COVID vaccine mandates following a federal judge blocking the Biden Administration requirement for federal employees to be vaccinated. University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are the two campuses who are pausing the mandate effective immediately.

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Speaker Vos Questions the University of Wisconsin’s Decision to Make SAT, ACT Optional

Robin Vos

The top Republican in the Wisconsin Assembly is not a fan of the UW System’s decision to no longer require an SAT or ACT test.

UW Regents last week approved a plan to extend the school’s “test-optional policy” for two more years. That means high school freshmen and sophomores don’t have to worry about taking the tests in order to get into a University of Wisconsin school.

Regents say dropping the test requirement will help more students get into college.

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University of Wisconsin Begins Testing of COVID Vaccine on Infants 6 Months to 5 Years

an infant sleeping

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health has begun testing the COVID vaccination on infants and toddlers aged six months to five years. They will be one of several vaccine sites across North America testing the Moderna vaccine, which has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The testing will be conducted on around 4,000 very young children, a portion of which will be performed at the University of Wisconsin’s testing site. 

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University of Wisconsin Clarifies Mental Health Hires, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty Still Worried about Racial Stereotyping

Daniel Lennington

One of Wisconsin’s government watchdogs says it’s keeping an eye on whether the University of Wisconsin’s new mental health providers for students of color discharges their duties in a discriminatory fashion.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on Wednesday sent a letter to the university after UW-Madison’s September announcement that it hired nine new mental health professionals. WILL took issue with how the school originally framed the new counselors.

The university said “three of these providers will exclusively serve students of color, joining eight providers already in this role.”

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Showdown Coming at University of Wisconsin Over Coronavirus Rules

Republican lawmakers are talking about suing the University of Wisconsin over mask mandates and test requirements for those who haven’t received a coronavirus vaccine.

State Senator Steve Nass (R-WI) said he will ask permission to begin legal proceedings if the UW System doesn’t change its mind about coronavirus restrictions by next week.

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